How to print a digital backdrop

Did you just buy a digital backdrop from MyLucie? And would you like to print it on vinyl?
In this “how to” I will explain the printing process step by step. It is quick, easy and you can print any size that fits for your photography work.

1) Download the jpeg. file from If you have any issues regarding downloading the jpeg file from Etsy please check this page on

2) Check the name and location of the file on your computer. In most cases the file will be in the ‘downloads’ directory. For example: “ML101.jpeg”.

3) Choose a vinyl banner product from an online printshop, for example Vistaprint

4) Choose size and options:

  • size depending your needs (I prefer the 76 cm by 122 cm). 
  • vertical view
  • indoor quality
  • you can skip the “grommets” and “enforced edges” options.

5) Start the design process as shown below:

how to print a vinyl backdrop

6) Upload the digital backdrop image from your computer. Drag and/or extend the image if it does not cover the complete design.

how to print a vinyl backdrop

7) Perform final edit checks before going to the “checkout”.

  • Nothing is overlapping or too close to the margins
  • Images are clear and don’t appear blurry
8) Go to checkout for payment and…..

9) VOILA!! Your vinyl backdrop is on it’s way!

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