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How to start as photographer?

You love to work as a photographer. Maybe as an interior photographer, product photographer, food photographer or still life photography.

But you have just started or you are now taking all kinds of courses to improve your skills as a photographer.

But then, you want to work but how do you make your money and attract clients?

Below I will provide 5 tips that you can use to get started working as a photographer.

Tip 1. Create a website

Nowadays everything my go online and (almost) not physical. Your website is your online business card.

Make sure you have a domain name that is not too complicated.
I myself have my website in WordPress and if you google you can find simple instructions to start a simple site.

Important is to put your contact information on it; how can the customer reach you?
– phone number
– email address
– Eventual address (often looks reliable)
– social media icons.

Describe your services; what do you do exactly?

2. Add your portfolio.

Customers want to see what you can do.
They want an impression of your style and what you can put in the picture.


What is your niche?
– Is that food photography but also interior photography? (perfect for restaurants)
– Photography for florists.
– Photography portraits.
– Photography still lifes.
– Photography of products, mood shots and/or free standing.

Make a choice in this in which you are best.

Of course you can have several. For example, I have food, interior, botanical and products.
I have no “portraits” in my portfolio. Of course I do photograph people for e.g. portrait in a cookbook but it is not my specialty.
And that’s ok.
After all, you don’t have to be able to do everything.
Do what your heart desires; then you will enjoy what you do much longer.

3. Do a lot of free styling.

Go practice a lot of photography.
This way you will build a nice portfolio.
Of course you will also learn a lot from the mistakes you make in a free styling session.

I made a podcast about this “How freestyling can improve your photography” . You can listen to it here.

4. Choose a social media platform.

Choose a social media platform that is appropriate for your target audience.
Where are your customers?
Is it on Instagram, Facebook (also still have a lot of people on it) or maybe LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is also often forgotten. Do not forget that you have a large network and that especially entrepreneurs and companies are often looking for a photographer. Or maybe they are open to a collaboration.

Keep posting consistently. Choose for example 3x in the week that you post on Instagram and keep it up!
Be present, connect with others, respond to posts, be active.

5. Engage in bartending deals.

This means that you exchange services with each other or you get something in return.
For example you take pictures at a restaurant in exchange for dinner with your love.

Agree that you will mention each other’s name when they use your photos and vice versa. This way you help each other out a little and increase your network.

This can also generate work; because perhaps the client would like to use your services again. And then you charge your hourly rate.

Do you need help starting your photography business?

Are you having stand up problems, need a kick in the pants to get to action?
Because those clients are really out there, even for you. They just don’t know yet that YOU exist.

In my 6 week program “Online Photography & Business coaching” I’m going to put you to action, together with others.

You get access to all video modules and EVERY week we go LIVE.
You can ask me anything then and each week we’ll cover a topic like goal setting, working with a team and hey…let’s talk about money now!

Because I also started out as a photographer and didn’t really know how everything worked….sometimes I was unsure if I was charging the right rate, if I wasn’t charging too much or too little….
Being unsure. If I had chosen the right path because I have to make money after all.

But if you go for something and take ACTION, you automatically attract it. Then the customers will come to you. It’s true.

Will you join me?

Book your spot now!

PS Bonus:
– online course restaurant photography
– Video : “How to appear in magazines”
– Template: So, you have your first shoot, here are some questions you can ask your potential client before talking about the budget.
– A welcome package.


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