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Backdrops for photography

Photo backgrounds for photography

As a photographer and (food) stylist a styling starts with a backdrop or photo background. You can use anything for this:

Make your own vinyl backdrops

When we go on holiday I’m always making pictures of beautiful textures, old weathered wood or weathered walls. Sometimes they look at me a bit weird when I only take pictures of a garage in a beautiful French village….
Now you have the possibility to download the backdrops. How do you do this?

Etsyshop with photo downloads

What is a vinyl backdrop?

Do you want to make a vinyl backdrop yourself? What is a vinyl backdrop at all? This is a kind of plastic material that you can easily roll up. It does not shine in the picture. You can put water, sauce or soup on it and clean it with a cloth.
So it makes a big difference in storage instead of storing a pile of wooden planks somewhere.

Buy Photography backdrops

Does printing it yourself sound too complicated to you? you can also order the vinyl backdrops from my shop.
Click here for the different designs and sizes.
The vinyl backdrops will be delivered to your home. Perfect for food photography, product photography or new source photography.

How do you create this photo background?

If you have downloaded a photo from my backdrop shop, you are looking for an online print shop like Vistaprint.
Go to “vinyl banners” and upload your photo. Print the photo on vinyl banners and your own photography background is ready. In my shop I describe the step-by-step plan.

How to use a photo background?

  1. Flatlay photography: Roll out the backdrops in advance so that they are completely flat.
    You can place a backdrop so that it looks like a table from above (flatlay photography). using my white backdrop.
The result with a vinyl white backdrop. Bron:

2. You use the vinyl background as a wall.
Buy clamps at the hardware store and a plywood plate. Here you can attach your backdrop as shown below. Later the folds will go out again.

Vinyl backdrop using like a fake wall. Food photography for Bourgondie.

3. Use photo background for product photography.
The vinyl backgrounds are also useful for photographing products for your webshop or shop.

White backdrop for product photography assignment for
Black backdrop used like a wall for product photography Villagrafica
Cementlook backdrop used at photography from an app for Horecava.

How to create DIY Backdrops

Want to learn more about creating your own Want to learn more about creating photo backgrounds?
Then follow my online course on Instagram “DIY Backdrops”.

You will be taught simple tips and techniques to create your own backdrops in 15 modules.
This way you can distinguish yourself with your unique studio backgrounds.

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