Online course: DIY Backdrops

Learn the exact steps on how to create your own unique photography backgrounds

I have something special for you!

As a (food) photographer, backdrops are one of the most important things which will help you to create your own unique style.

By creating my own backdrops, I was able to respond directly to my client’s needs.
In a short time, for a special photography or styling assignment, I was able to paint the backdrop to match the style.

This is exactly what you’ll learn in my online course DIY backdrops.

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Price: €47 per month

Do you recognize this?

Are you a food or product photographer? Would you like to learn how to make your own unique backdrops just like I do, but you don’t have a clue where to start?

Do you…

always see those great photography backgrounds that you would like to use too?

already make your own backdrops, but you still use the same techniques?

have issues with backgrounds that do not work for your photo vision leading to time loss and frustrations?

want your unique backgrounds that no one else has so you can be distinctive?

want to be able to use good backdrops when offering photography assignments?

In this online course, you will learn to apply the techniques to create unique photography backgrounds yourself.

It frustrates you that you see cool backdrops for product photography at others. You also want a large canvas backdrop to hang in your living room so that you immediately have a totally different backdrop for your portrait photography or still life of flowers.
But where do you start? You’re wondering exactly what materials you should purchase.

You are also a bit unsure because painting is not your strong suit. You wonder if you can make it happen.

One thing is certain; you now want to learn to make your own backrops so you can distinguish yourself from others.

Camila Seraceni
Camila Seraceni @camilaseraceni
Lees verder
As a food stylist and photographer working for brands, I always have to innovate with a lot of types and colors of backgrounds. This course was very helpfull with that. Luce teaches lovely ad easily how to make backdrops with beautiful textures using different materials. I also love the way she shows the possibilities to create napkins using natural colours from fruits and vegetables!

Do not settle for an 'okay' background. Create the best fit.

After this course, you will know:

what materials you need to create backdrops.

enough techniques to create backgrounds and finally know what to do.

you can even create custom backdrops for clients or special assignments; you are not dependent on others.

you can finally distinguish yourself from others.

your workflow is better because your photos look better with your backdrops; it looks good right away.

In this online “DIY Backdrops” course, I will show you which materials and techniques you can use to make your own photography backdrops.

I will show you 13 techniques to make backdrops. I also show you how I use the light when photographing my setting. You can make these backdrops at home, and you can also order the materials to get started at home. Say goodbye to not matching backgrounds. You can do this yourself, and it is also super fun to do!

You can start this course whenever you want.
You have lifetime access.

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Price: €47,-per month.

This course consists of several modules

  • Module 1: Painting backdrop on wood, using the technique “blending.”
  • Module 2: Painting a backdrop using a special wad for a beautiful effect.
  • Module 3: Backdrop making: a cementlook backdrop. BONUS: concrete backdrop. Making an old rustic background.
  • Module 4: Making a backdrop from a fabric with paint.
  • Module 5: Making an old rusty background.
  • Module 6: Painting a backdrop with a special ingredient and paint; making your paint thicker and your texture more visible.
  • Module 7: making a backdrop with flaking paint, just like an old wooden door in France.
  • Module 8: blue backdrop with wood structure.
  • Module 9: using paper in your backdrop.
  • Module 10: using the crackle technique to create a crackle effect.
  • Module 11: a dark moody backdrop with a particular ingredient.
  • Module 12: painting with lace.
  • Module 13: canvas with structure.
  • BONUS: FREE ACCESS to my online course, “Making canvas backdrops.” Including a bonus with painting napkins.
  • BONUS pimp your old cutlery.

I try to use as many inexpensive materials as possible so that it remains fun for everyone.

Start making your own photography backdrops!

Price: €47,- per month

Sepideh Tondro
Sepideh Tondro@iamsepideh
Lees verder
I just finished DIY canvas backdrops! It's a great course for any unexperienced person who loves painting. I am a professional food photographer and I like to make my props all by myself. I have already made several wooden backgrounds and I have been very satisfied with the process and the results. I don't think painting a canvas backdrop would be as much easy and interesting. In this course, Lucie shares her great experience of painting canvas backdrops and napkins. I love her tips and tricks and the way she uses the available tools for the best results.  I do recommend this course very much. In the end, you will learn how to make gorgeous backdrops and lovely napkins with low budgets all by yourself. Thank you so much! 
DIY backdrop Lucie in action

About me

Since the beginning of my career as a food photographer and food stylist, I make my own backdrops. I have been painting for a long time.

My first business was making paintings for the children’s room. I worked in set design, where I learned several techniques.

I studied Creative Therapy Visual, where I also learned a lot about the materials you can work with. And painting and new techniques are still a favorite pastime of mine.
Just like photography and styling, I can also get into a “flow” here.

And also here it is accessible; it is mainly doing it, and you can hardly make any mistakes. You just do not want it to be perfect because you want a “lived” backdrop.

How does a course ons Instagram work?

You can take this course on a private account on Instagram: @diybackdrops. You can view the course on your phone or tablet.
Once you have purchased your ticket you will get access on the instagram account if you have submitted it.

You can find the videos, presentations, photos and text in the highlights (the circles at the top).
Occasionally you will be redirected to an IGTV.

If I go LIVE on this account then the circle turns red. If you click on it you can watch the live broadcast.
I also share it so if you can’t be there you can watch it later.


  • After payment, you will receive an email with info to access the course @diybackdrops on Instagram.
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  • You can see and read the course on videos, photos, and text that appear in the feed, and stories of the Instagram account.
  • You can watch this course in your own time. You have lifetime access to this course.
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  • The course will be held in English.
  • BONUS: you get FREE access to my course “DIY Canvas Backdrops” worth $19,-
    Here I show you how you can paint beautiful backdrops from canvas with stunning, profound effects.
  • After payment, you will receive an invoice in your mailbox with VAT, to claim it for business use.
  • The course consists of several modules and each module takes about 15 minutes.
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