DIY: how to make a flower installation

Flower cloud from dried flowers

Together with my girlfriend and stylist @suzannepardijs we made this “Cloudy of dried flowers” in my studio.
It is very nice to make these and not so difficult. Read below how to do it.

WORKSHOP ALERT: want to follow a workshop how to make a flower cloud? At 3 September 2022 I organize a workshop.
This workshop will be held in Dutch.

What do you need?

  • a hammer
  • 2 screw eyes / hooks
  • string
  • a long branch preferably with some green on it
  • branches with different greens
  • dried flowers
  • feathers like pampas grass
  • other flowers or branches that you’d like to put in.
  • wire netting
  • pliers to cut chicken wire with
  • muss.



Step 1

Turn the two screw eyes in the ceiling. Note: you have different ones for a wooden ceiling or a concrete ceiling.


Step 2

Cut a piece of chicken wire with a good pair of pliers for this. Watch out for your hands, the cut pieces can be sharp. Take about 1 meter.


Step 3

Hang the branch with ropes on the screw-eyes in the ceiling. Make sure it hangs straight.







Step 4

Wrap the chicken wire around the branch. It doesn’t have to be symmetrical, just a convex shape is nice.


Step 5

Now put several branches of green in the chicken wire. It can be positioned in any direction for a dynamic effect.



Tip: You can fill “empty” pieces with moss.


Tip: Use a color palette. We have opted for green and white, which also makes it look a little calmer.



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