DIY: how to make a floating installation

Flower cloud from dried flowers

Together with my girlfriend and stylist @suzannepardijs we made this “Cloudy of dried flowers” in my studio.
It is very nice to make these and not so difficult. Read below how to do it.

What do you need?

  • a hammer
  • 2 screw eyes / hooks
  • string
  • a long branch preferably with some green on it
  • branches with different greens
  • dried flowers
  • feathers like pampas grass
  • other flowers or branches that you’d like to put in.
  • wire netting
  • pliers to cut chicken wire with
  • muss.



Step 1

Turn the two screw eyes in the ceiling. Note: you have different ones for a wooden ceiling or a concrete ceiling.


Step 2

Cut a piece of chicken wire with a good pair of pliers for this. Watch out for your hands, the cut pieces can be sharp. Take about 1 meter.


Step 3

Hang the branch with ropes on the screw-eyes in the ceiling. Make sure it hangs straight.







Step 4

Wrap the chicken wire around the branch. It doesn’t have to be symmetrical, just a convex shape is nice.


Step 5

Now put several branches of green in the chicken wire. It can be positioned in any direction for a dynamic effect.



Tip: You can fill “empty” pieces with moss.


Tip: Use a color palette. We have opted for green and white, which also makes it look a little calmer.



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