Behind the scenes with Giedre Barauskiene

Don’t miss golden hour

Giedre Barauskiene is a freelance photographer and stylist. Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, she worked as an Editor-in-Chief in several Lithuanian magazines for women before pursuing a career as an editorial and commercial food photographer and stylist. She contributes as a food editor and photographer for one of the most significant Lithuanian fashion and lifestyle magazine “Moteris” @moteris for now. Also Giedre is a several cookbook author and photographer.

What backdrops are you using?

Usually wood, cloth, painted cloth – they are my favourite backgrounds. I love textured backgrounds. Sometimes I use paper. I don’t want the colour of the background or backdrop to contrast too much with the colours of the food I am shooting. Every time my eyes are looking for something new for the background or backdrop. During my journeys, especially being abroad, I catch myself staring at beautiful textured walls and doors which I would like to bring back home…

How do you start with styling?

Sometimes spontaneously and it usually happens when I work for personal projects. Love this feeling – not to be restrained by rules, just follow your nature, intuition.

Commercial projects are planned and this part of my work I accept as training myself. This experience guides me and lets me achieve better results even though I imagine I work spontaneously.

When I shoot a hot dish, I prefer to have my set prepared. I make some testing shots with an empty plate looking for a better composition, angle and framing in advance.

If it is not a hot dish, I can improve the scene for hours – it gives me satisfaction. This improving doesn’t mean overdoing the set, to me it means making it more natural, simple, not boring.

It’s easer to take pictures of sweet dishes than hot dishes, meat and fish dishes. That’s why so many accounts on Instagram are dedicated to cakes and other sweets.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

What is your focus with styling

All the time a feel of the inner dispute between minimalism and not minimalism, old stuff and modern things. So every time I try to find the balance and harmony between contraries.

Love both – high key and low key.

For many years I worked as an editor-in-chief in several Lithuanian magazines for women. During that time I collected a huge and rich background as a viewer. Now I am enjoying creating pictures myself.  

My two daughters are my models;-)


What props do you often use?

Prefer calm, neutral or dark colors, natural materials. For dish styling I can use a modern brand bowl or unique handmade ceramics or a dried monsteras flower which naturally has a bowl shape. Or I use my grandma’s antique plate. It all depends. 

I already have a big enough collection of different props. 

When a model is tired…

Witch light do you work  (daylight/artificial)?

I am a daylight photographer. Light plays the main role in every picture – it makes the picture alive. 

The daylight is volatile, sometimes unpredictable and not easy to control but only in very critical situations I use studio lighting which I find more and more interesting to me.

Photo with golden hour

What camera and lenses do you use and/or tripod?

My camera is quite old – Canon 5D Mark II. Thinking about getting a new one. The main two lenses I use – 50mm/1.4 and 24-70mm/2.8. Tripod – Manfrotto.

Which program to edit your photos?

More often I use Photoshop but sometimes I work with Lightroom as well.

Ready for hot plate
Hot dish on stage

Tips and tricks?

* After many photo shoots I proven to myself  that a white agro cloth is a very useful tool – it perfectly serves as a light filter. You can use several layers of them.

* While shooting food always remember that the hero is the dish (or the product) and not the props even though they are very beautiful, new or antique, rare or trendy. They are only assistants, they can help to complete or to destroy the picture.

* Find the beauty in imperfection, do not try to eliminate the human factor from the picture: not identical size of cookies or slices, crumpled cloth, etc.

* If food in the photograph looks good that’s great but if it looks beautiful and tasty – it’s perfect.

*If take a picture for a magazine think about the place for the text on it.

*Don’t miss golden hour without making a capture.

Do you want to follow Giedre?

Instagram: @giedre_barauskiene

More behind the scenes..?


Backdrop bestellen voor fotografie

backdrop grey

Foto achtergrond voor fotografie

Eindelijk, eindelijk heb ik het een “go” gegeven. Het kriebelde al zo lang…..
Ik heb nu mijn eigen shop geopend met foto’s van verschillende backdrops EN uniek handgemaakte fotoachtergronden!
Je kunt foto’s van een betonlook muur, een witte muur of een prachtige oude muur met texturen downlanden (je word door gestuurd naar mijn Etsy shop).

Deze kun je weer opladen bij een print shop zoals Fotoachtergronden en de foto af laten drukken. Ga naar “achtergronden”, scroll naar beneden en kies “eigen ontwerp”. Verstuur je foto en kies je maat. Dan krijg je je eigen “vinyl backdrop”.
Op deze manier scheelt het veel verzendkosten en kun je op een snelle en makkelijke manier backdrops bij je thuis laten bezorgen.

Photo background for photography

Finally, finally I have a “go”…!
I now opened my own SHOP with pictures of different backdrops and unique handmade  backgrounds!
You can find pictures from a concrete look wall, a white wall or a beautiful old wall with textures (if you click o the link you will be directed to my Etsy shop.

You can upload the photo at a print shop such as Fotoachtergronden  and print them on vinyl banners. Go to “backgrounds”, scroll down and choose “custom design”. Send your photo and choose your size. Then you get your own “vinyl backdrop”.
In this way, it saves a lot of shipping costs and you can get a quick and easy way backdrops at home.


Wat is een vinyl backdrop?

Dit is een soort van plastic banner met een foto afgedrukt. Het lijkt net of je een houten tafel hebt.
Het glimt niet, je kunt het oprollen en je kunt het dus ook afnemen met een vochtig doekje (erg handig met food fotografie).
Voor gebruik even uitrollen.
En maak eerst een foto met iets erop. Dit ziet er heel anders uit dan dat je de vinyl backdrop met je blote oog ziet.
Ook kun je deze vinyl backdrops klemmen aan een houten plaat om zo een setting op te bouwen. Deze kun je als achtergrond gebruiken bij een taart bijvoorbeeld.
En makkelijk met vervoeren en op locatie mee te nemen.

What is a vinyl back drop?

This is a kind of plastic banner with a printed photo. It seems like if you have a wooden table.
It does not shine, you can roll it up and you can wipe it with a damp cloth(very convenient with food photography).
For use rolling out before photographyt.
And first, make a picture with something on it. This looks very different from the vinyl back drop with your naked eye.
It also allows you to attach the vinyl backdrops to a wooden plate with clipss, to build a setting. You can use this as a background in a cake for example.
And easy with transport and on location.

Restaurant Maan gebruikte vinyl backdrops tijdens hun masterclass food fotografie.

Restaurant Moon used vinyl backdrops during their master class food photography.

Handgemaakte foto achtergronden

Ook zal ik regelmatig handgemaakte backdrops plaatsen. Deze zijn gemaakt op hout of op canvas. Deze zijn uniek en verschillen allemaal van elkaar.
Uiteraard kun je een op maat bestellen zoals “cement look” of “white scratches”.

Unique handmade photo backgrounds

Also I will regularly make hand-made backdrops. These are made on wood or on canvas. These are all unique and different from each other.
Of course, you can order a custom as “cement look” or “white scratches”.



Wil je zelf graag een achtergrond maken voor fotografie? Kijk dan eens bij mijn DIY’s.

Would you like to create a background for photography? Visit my DIY’s.