Backdrop bestellen voor fotografie

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Foto achtergrond voor fotografie

Eindelijk, eindelijk heb ik het een “go” gegeven. Het kriebelde al zo lang…..
Ik heb nu mijn eigen shop geopend met foto’s van verschillende backdrops EN uniek handgemaakte fotoachtergronden!
Je kunt foto’s van een betonlook muur, een witte muur of een prachtige oude muur met texturen downlanden (je word door gestuurd naar mijn Etsy shop).

Deze kun je weer opladen bij een print shop zoals Fotoachtergronden en de foto af laten drukken. Ga naar “achtergronden”, scroll naar beneden en kies “eigen ontwerp”. Verstuur je foto en kies je maat. Dan krijg je je eigen “vinyl backdrop”.
Op deze manier scheelt het veel verzendkosten en kun je op een snelle en makkelijke manier backdrops bij je thuis laten bezorgen.

Photo background for photography

Finally, finally I have a “go”…!
I now opened my own SHOP with pictures of different backdrops and unique handmade  backgrounds!
You can find pictures from a concrete look wall, a white wall or a beautiful old wall with textures (if you click o the link you will be directed to my Etsy shop.

You can upload the photo at a print shop such as Fotoachtergronden  and print them on vinyl banners. Go to “backgrounds”, scroll down and choose “custom design”. Send your photo and choose your size. Then you get your own “vinyl backdrop”.
In this way, it saves a lot of shipping costs and you can get a quick and easy way backdrops at home.


Wat is een vinyl backdrop?

Dit is een soort van plastic banner met een foto afgedrukt. Het lijkt net of je een houten tafel hebt.
Het glimt niet, je kunt het oprollen en je kunt het dus ook afnemen met een vochtig doekje (erg handig met food fotografie).
Voor gebruik even uitrollen.
En maak eerst een foto met iets erop. Dit ziet er heel anders uit dan dat je de vinyl backdrop met je blote oog ziet.
Ook kun je deze vinyl backdrops klemmen aan een houten plaat om zo een setting op te bouwen. Deze kun je als achtergrond gebruiken bij een taart bijvoorbeeld.
En makkelijk met vervoeren en op locatie mee te nemen.

What is a vinyl back drop?

This is a kind of plastic banner with a printed photo. It seems like if you have a wooden table.
It does not shine, you can roll it up and you can wipe it with a damp cloth(very convenient with food photography).
For use rolling out before photographyt.
And first, make a picture with something on it. This looks very different from the vinyl back drop with your naked eye.
It also allows you to attach the vinyl backdrops to a wooden plate with clipss, to build a setting. You can use this as a background in a cake for example.
And easy with transport and on location.

Restaurant Maan gebruikte vinyl backdrops tijdens hun masterclass food fotografie.

Restaurant Moon used vinyl backdrops during their master class food photography.

Handgemaakte foto achtergronden

Ook zal ik regelmatig handgemaakte backdrops plaatsen. Deze zijn gemaakt op hout of op canvas. Deze zijn uniek en verschillen allemaal van elkaar.
Uiteraard kun je een op maat bestellen zoals “cement look” of “white scratches”.

Unique handmade photo backgrounds

Also I will regularly make hand-made backdrops. These are made on wood or on canvas. These are all unique and different from each other.
Of course, you can order a custom as “cement look” or “white scratches”.



Wil je zelf graag een achtergrond maken voor fotografie? Kijk dan eens bij mijn DIY’s.

Would you like to create a background for photography? Visit my DIY’s.

Behind the scenes with: Ofearthandink

This week, meet Carisse from Ofearthandink.
She will show you how she make her beautiful photos.


Behind the scenes - of earth and ink_-11

Background info on shoot

I have a thing for dark photography. I love the moodiness and mystery, the idea of catching glimpses of things hiding in the shadows. I love playing with light and what better way to do that than by being surrounded by the dark. For this shoot I styled a hot milk bundt cake which I made using a recipe from Coco e Baunilha Blog. 

What backdrops are you using?

I use a dark blue linen material which I drape over a piece of plywood board for a lot of my shoots. I also use plywood boards with a dark grey undercoat of paint and white finish. My husband has also made me several wooden backdrops which I’ve stained dark brown. I’m a thrift store shopper and I find a lot of off-cut building materials at a local store. I have several types of vinyl flooring off-cuts which I use regularly. For this shoot I used my linen material and some vinyl flooring material.

food photography

How do you start with styling?

I consider what my subject is, what I’m trying to say about it and how best to capture its loveliness. This cake has beautiful angles and details and the loveliest rich brown colour. I didn’t want to hide it under a glaze or frosting, but rather give it a light dusting of icing sugar. I love shots with movement and if this involves icing sugar, the darker the photo the better. I also think about what props might help tell the story – for me, everything I use has to make sense. For this cake, do I want its raw ingredients – eggs, milk, brown sugar, flour – in the shot? Or do I want to show it in its final resting place, sitting pretty on the table ready to be served?
I went with the latter and added some beautiful dried flowers in tones that complimented the cake’s colour, and then I added a bit of soft material in blue to compliment the yellow earthy tones of the flowers.

action photo food photography

What is your focus with styling?

My main focus is to get a beautiful image. I start with that and work backwards, making sure that there’s a story that makes sense because that adds interest. I also love playing with light and dark, so I also think about what things I can hide in the background and what things I can illuminate with light. I also consider my composition. I love using negative space and am trying to work harder on using the rule of thirds. When I started most of my photos had the subject very centred, but after watching Lucie’s tutorials on Instagram, I’ve started to appreciate how powerful the rule of thirds is.

Making food photos

What props do you often use?

My most used props are my cake stands because they elevate the food, allowing me to hide things below and behind the subject in the shadows. I have a rectangle and square cake stand made of wood that I use all the time. They also help me place my subject in the light while still creating that space in the darkened background below it. I also use cutlery a lot, but that’s because we use it to eat with and it makes sense in the shot. Cutlery is also so beautiful if it’s got details on, or is nicely tarnished.

Behind the scenes - backdrop

Behind the scenes photography cake

Tips and tricks?

For dark shots, find a great light source and a way to manipulate it (I use blockout and sheer curtains to create a really dark room with a single source of light through a small opening in the curtains). Set your shot up so that your subject is partly or wholly in the light, and place your props partly or wholly in the dark to create some mystery. I also use black foam boards to help create shadows if the light is really bright.  Go thrift shopping for beautiful, inexpensive pieces (I go weekly). Also look through the linen section because often there are some beautiful napkins or tea towels that you can use to add a bit of movement in your shots.

Behind the scenes - dark photography

Which light do you work  (daylight/artificial)

I use natural light, but only because I have a great source in my living room and have never had the opportunity to try artificial.

What camera and lenses do you use and/or tripod?

I use a Canon EOS 7D and a nifty Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens. I use a Weifeng tripod and a Canon remote for hand shots. Next on my list of purchases is a tripod arm and a 24 – 75mm lens.

camera and tripod

Which program to edit your photos?

I use Lightroom and it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

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