Photography tips for cake

Challenge for December: #onlyonecake

This month you can photograph all the cakes you come across. The month of December is #onlyonecake on Instagram.
How does it work exactly?
From 1 December to 31 December 2019 you can post photos with a cake as subject.
Place the hashtag #onlyonecake next to the photo. Place my name @luciebeck in your text and tag me so I can see your photo.

Hashtag challenge voor December: #onlyonecake

Deze maand kun je alle taarten fotograferen die je tegen komt. De maand december staat #onlyonecake centraal op Instagram.
Hoe werkt het precies?
Vanaf 1 december tot en met 31 december 2019 kun je foto’s plaatsen met als onderwerp een taart.
Plaats de hashtag #onlyonecake bij de foto. Plaats mijn naam @luciebeck in je tekst en tag mij zodat ik je foto kan zien.

Backdrop rustic ML190

What can you win at this photo contest?

The first winner wins a vinyl backdrop from @myluciebackdrops ; you can choose which one. Wherever you live, it will come to you.
All three winners win a place on this blog with photo and link to their Instagram account.

Wat kun je winnen bij deze fotowedstrijd?

De eerste winnaar wint een vinyl backdrop uit @myluciebackdrops; je mag zelf kiezen welke. Waar je ook woont, deze komt naar je toe.
Alle drie de winnaars winnen een plekje op dit blog met foto en link naar hun Instagram account.

Tips for photographing cake

  • Photograph the cake first and don’t cut it yet.
    Once you’ve cut the cake, it’s hard to get back.
  • Collect good props for the cake setting like a cake knife or a cake shovel.
    Small plates, napkins and small forks.
  • Maybe you’d like a drink with the cake. Tea, lemonade or champagne?
  • Fotografeer de taart eerst en snij deze nog niet aan.
    Als je de taart hebt aangesneden kun je moeilijk weer terug.
  • Verzamel goede props voor de taart setting zoals een taart mes of een taart schep.
    Kleine bordjes, servetten en kleine vorkjes.
  • Misschien drink je wat bij de taart: thee, limonade of champagne?

In this video you can see how I make an apple pie setting in the atmosphere of autumn.

Behind the scenes

Here you can see how I photographed the apple pie. I used backlighting here. The result? Look at the final picture in this blog post at “Photographing brown food”.

Een kijkje in mijn fotostudio

Hier kun je zien hoe ik de appeltaart gefotografeerd heb. Ik maakte hier gebruik van tegenlicht. Het resultaat? Bekijk de uiteindelijke foto in deze blogpost bij “Het fotograferen van bruin eten”.

What else can you do when photographing a cake?

  • Use hands in your photo.
  • Provide an action element. Let the hands do something like cut, pour, hold or grab a piece of cake.

Wat kun je nog meer doen bij het fotograferen van een taart?

  • Maak gebruik van handen in je foto.
  • Zorg voor een actie element. Laat de handen wat doen zoals aanrijden, inschenken, vasthouden of een stukje taart pakken.

Play with candles or stars

Blow out the candles, photograph the smoke.

Speel met kaarsen of sterretjes

Blaas de kaarsen uit, fotografeer de rook.

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Then come to a 1 on 1 photography and styling coaching or to the Advanced workshop on March 14, 2020 with Lauren Caris.

Wil je meer leren over food fotografie & foodstyling? Kom dan naar een van mijn workshop over fotografie:

Bezig met verwerken …
Gelukt! Je staat op de lijst.

Behind the scenes with..@kamilekave

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Kamile Kaveckaite (Kamile Kave). I came to the Netherlands to study International Business Administration and become a manager in a big international corporation. When I finally reached that, I decided to turn my life upside down and become a food photographer. I started about a year and a half ago and right now I work with small brands and restaurants in the Netherlands and Lithuania. I am loving it, as food photography is my biggest passion.

How do you start with styling? What is your focus with styling?

When styling an image first I choose what my main object is and then build the rest all around it while thinking about the complementary colours, telling a story and adding depth to the image. I always make sure that my main object is a true star of the image and the rest just helps that star to shine.

What backdrops are you using?

I have couple of vinyl backdrops from Capture by Lucy for more modern looks (like concrete) and couple of wood backdrops which I use for more vintage/rustic feel.

What props do you often use?

Flowers, wooden planks, ceramic plates (non-shiny), utensils, napkins (love the cheese cloth material – it’s are cheap and easy to control), and food items that are in the recipe or would complement the recipe.

Witch light do you work  (daylight/artificial) ?

Both. Depending on the feel of the image, and the quality of light that day. If I want some sharp action shots, but it is a cloudy day, then I just go for artificial light. If the day light is good, then I use day light as sometimes setting up artificial light in my small apartment can be challenging and time consuming.

What camera and lenses do you use and/or tripod?

When shooting at home, I always use a tripod. This way I can make sure stability, no shake and also manual focus for that perfectly sharp image. In restaurants, I often need speed, especially when I have waitresses modelling for me – then, I prefer shooting handheld. 
I have Canon EOS R – the new mirrorless camera from Canon, which I absolutely love. From lenses, I mostly use Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art lens. I also have Canon’s 100mm 2.4 lens, for macro photography. 

Which program do you use to edit your photos?

I use both Lightroom and photoshop. Lightroom for all the basic edits, and Photoshop for more complicated edits like removing objects, adding objects, dodge & burn, some more advanced color corrections and sharpening.

Follow Kamille?
Instagram: @kamilekave

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