@spelenmetlicht followed my online course “The basic of Foodphotography”.

I want to thank you for the online course basic photography. For almost three months I have been intensively engaged in following the course: watching and listening to modules, following (live) videos and applying the theory in practice. The latter is of course the most fun to do, because you see yourself growing in your development. With each module I became more enthusiastic to apply the knowledge and every weekend I was taking pictures in the living room. The boyfriend was a little less enthusiastic about the living room being completely rebuilt, but hey: anything for the development.
You are knowledgeable, clear and you show your own mistakes which we can learn from.
I want to thank you very much and I would love to do a follow-up course with you, online or live.

@jessie.bakes.cakes followed my 1 hour speedcoaching:
My 1-1 with Lucie was so beneficial and I learnt so much within such a short amount of time. Being able to watch Lucie style a shoot live on camera was amazing, hearing her thought process out-loud and seeing how she transformed an ordinary cookie into a beautiful and delicious story was a great learning opportunity. The hour was completely tailored to my needs and questions, and I was able to get useful answers and lots of helpful tips that I can carry forward into my own food photography. 

@pixelofsugar followed my online course at Instagram “The Basic of Foodphotography”:

I just finished my foodphotography.basic!
The course is very good, I will certainly watch one more time and do all the assignments that you suggest. 
I am a professional photographer, but now I want to work exclusively with food, so I needed a course that follows all the steps about food photography and your course did it.Now I can work with food photography with confidence. I know how to search for the right props and use composition to tell stories with my photos, for example. I am from Brazil, and even with my little English, it was very easy to understand everything in your videos. Thank you so much! 

@luc_inshape followed my offline workshop foodphotography in Holland.
“Although I’ve been actively taking food photos for a while now, Lucie has really changed my perspective.
The course really shows you when you can use which backdrop to take your photos to the next level.
And you’ll learn how to make powerful use of daylight. By using different perspectives.
What I personally find very strong: that you work with different settings yourself and give them immediate feedback. In this way you learn to apply the theory directly in practice”.

@soofinthekitchen followed my online speed coaching:
Thanks to Lucie I understand more about food photography and styling. She tells you aspects you didn’t think of before and teaches you how to take your food photography to the next level. I had a 2,5 hour 1:1 session with Lucie which was very nice. She tells you new things based on what you need. Even though it was online because of corona there was a nice atmosphere with room for questions.

@crookedgarden followed my 1 : 1 photography & styling coaching in my studio near Amsterdam
Lucie helped me kickstart my food photography. My level was absolute zero and I wanted to learn how to photograph my ceramics in a delicious way. She went all out in her one-on-one workshop (that she perfectly tuned to my minimalistic wishes) and I can now say – months later, that I still use her lessons as a base for my photography. From painting my own backdrops to creating photos that not ‘just carry food’, but tell an actual story. Thankyou Lucie! You are an inspirational woman!

@picasuus followed my 2 Days Foodphotography & Styling
Lucie is a great photographer and is able to teach her skills in a relaxt and effective way. Her pictures reflect her personality so well. Loved being taught by her. Would book her workshops again any time!

Work photography & styling for @lekkeretenmetlinda
I’m a food blogger and I always took my photos myself. Now I organize a cooking day with Lucie twice a month, where we take pictures of 8 to 9 recipes. Lucie prepares her work well and makes sure she brings the right props and backgrounds. In a short time she has made my own style of photography, which is very different from her own photos. She feels good when I’m not completely satisfied with a setting after all. Besides that Lucie is a nice lady to work with. I am very satisfied with our cooperation.

Work Foodphotography & foodstyling Foodfirstnetwork @blomdali
Full 5 stars! Lucie thinks along with you. Her unique strength are the backgrounds and backgrounds she has photographed herself. In addition, she has a whole range of trays, bowls, plates, cutlery, you name it. Lucie is not afraid of dirty fingers and if you need a lick of paint somewhere, no problem. Lucie is really a social creative mastermind.

Participant Online course DIY Backdrops: @camilaseraceni: as a foodstylist and photographer working for brands  I have always to inovate with a lot of types and colors of backgrounds. So this course was very helpful on that! Lucie teaches lovely and easily how to make backdrops with beautiful textures using different materials.  I also love the way she shows the possibilities to create napkins using natural colors from fruits and vegetables!

Online private Food photography workshop to restaurant Midas:

Despite COVID, we had a super fun workshop with lucie where she explained the basics to our social media team to get our photos better. The workshop was about making dark moody photos where we got some tips to get the best out of your photo and especially the construction and the time you have to make for this. As always lucie had prepared this meeting very well and it was extremely suitable and tailor-made for us as a restaurant. Super nice collaboration.