IG Course Food Photography: The Basics

The online Instagram course about food photography

Start taking the perfect food photos now.

Still wondering about ISO, aperture and shutter speed? You’re already practicing but you don’t know how to actually influence light. Styling your food and using light in your photography…you take pictures regularly but somewhere you feel like you’re not doing something right.

In 12 modules I help you get started with all the basic steps of food photography and food styling.

Price: EUR 27,- 

Start whenever you want. This course is held in English but is easy to follow.

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Food Photography

BUNDLE: The basic of Food photography & Advanced Food photography together for  EUR 197,-
(instead of 305,-)

Food photography; how do you do it? It looks so simple but there is a lot involved.

I also started food photography once and I wasn’t too sure where to begin. Should I leave the lights on or off. Where do I stand with my camera? From what angle is the best spot?

All those buttons on my camera; how do they work exactly?

I felt like I was doing things wrong but I wasn’t sure what. And loved to look at other food photographers who took the most amazing photos with beautiful light. And their use of colors and compositions looked amazing.
“I want to be able to do that too!” I thought then.
I started looking for information but couldn’t find it in 1 course.
That’s why I created this course. To tell you everything at once so you can get started.

FROM THIS.......


This course is for you if:

You like your food photos but they are not perfect. You always look at other food photographers and wonder how they take those great food photos. What else can you do? Where to start?

You find it difficult to choose when it comes to daylight, artificial lighting and color in your food styling. Which color should you use or not and how many colors should you use anyway?

You're starting out photographing food and you're not so sure how to begin.

You are still shooting on auto mode.

Do you recognize this?

  • I don’t really know how to make use of the light with photography.
  • I am always struggling with the construction of a foodstyling set; how do I start, which compositions can I use?
  • I find it difficult to combine colors and don’t know what to look at.
  • I’m still uncertain about my skills as a food photographer and I want to know more about it.
  • I just want to know all the information about foodstyling like a sponge.
  • I am curious how you use a daylight lamp.
  • What do all those buttons on my camera mean?
  • Making a dark moody setting, can I do that myself?
  • Which props and backgrounds are good to use.

In this course, which is divided into several modules, you will learn all the ins and outs of food photography and food styling.

Join now!

Price: EUR 27,-

You can step in whenever you want and follow this course in your own time.

BUNDLE: The basic of Food photography & Advanced Food photography together for  EUR 197,-
(instead of 305,-)

After this foodphotography course you know:

How to create your own food photography setting in your home.

You know exactly from which angles you can take pictures.

How to use storytelling in your photo.

Feel more confident to style and photograph a dish.

How to use the light.

This course consists of several modules:

1. Backdrops
2. Props
3. How to use the light.
4. Color use in foodstyling.
5. Compositions; styling a strawberry cake.
6. Ingredient styling & storytelling: styling a brioche bread.
7. How to create a dark moody setting: pancakes.
8. Styling video: pumpkin salad.
9. Styling video: an oven dish.
10. Styling video: zucchini soup & BONUS.
11. Styling video: hamburger & daylight lamp.
12. BONUS: styling ice creams.
13. BONUS: ISO, shutterspeed, aperture in “A start with  Photography”

About me

Four years ago I started taking food photos. And they weren’t really very pretty at first I can tell you. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. I did know that I had to learn more about it because I was not satisfied with my end result.

First I had my Fuji camera on automatic mode and didn’t understand a thing about ISO, shutter speed and aperture. But by doing it and learning about it I succeeded. And you know what the difference was? I decided how my photo was going to be, not my camera. I discovered the joy of manual photography.

I also struggled with my styling. Where did I place my plate, what color backdrop should I use or not. That cutlery, how to put it down again! And those napkins, phoe, what a fight always. Learning about composition and the use of color also improved the quality of my food photos.

I have been teaching workshops and coaching sessions for 4 years. I love to inspire other people and share my knowledge. I have experience in making cookbooks, photographing for online food companies and am used to photographing 10 recipes a day. I am very enthusiastic and I love to share my knowledge with you.  In my Q & A you can burn loose with all your questions, also about business or social media.

Online cursus foodfotografie

What do you get in this course?

You get access to all modules of the course.

BONUS: Acces to my online course "A Start with photography ".

You get access to the account @foodphotography.basic on Instagram.

In a private Instagram group you can share ideas with like-minded participants.

How does a course ons Instagram work?

You can take this course on a private account on Instagram: @foodphotography.basic. You can view the course on your phone or tablet.
After purchasing your ticket, you will be granted access on the opening date.

You can find the videos, presentations, photos and text in the highlights (the circles at the top).
Occasionally you will be redirected to an IGTV.



  • Make a request to @foodphotography.basic on Instagram and you will be admitted  after payment.
  • You can see and read the course on videos, photos and text that appear in the feed and stories of the instagram account.
  • If you are accepted everything is ready and you can start.
  • The course will be given in English.
  • You have lifetime access to this course.
  • Are you just starting to shoot and you don’t understand how to shoot on manual mode?
  • BONUS: you get FREE acces to my online course “The basic of Photography”.
  • Here I go into the ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Also the technical issues such as the use of a tripod and which lenses are useful.
  • You can also follow this workshop if you take pictures with your phone. I will mention settings of the camera.
  • After payment you will receive an invoice in your mailbox with vat. so you can declare it for business. Tip; when you sign up, immediately enter your good company information.
  • The course consists of several modules and each module takes about 15 minutes.
  • Price: EUR 27,-excl. VAT.

BUNDLE: The basic of Food photography & Advanced Food photography together for  EUR 197,-
(instead of 305,-)


Click here for frequently asked questions. Is your question not here? My team is ready to answer your questions.
You can send your mail to lucie@mylucie.com

What others say

I just finished my foodphotography.basic! 

The course is very good, I will certainly watch one more time and do all the assignments that you suggest. 

I am a professional photographer, but now I want to work exclusively with food, so I needed a course that follows all the steps about food photography and your course did it.Now I can work with food photography with confidence. I know how to search for the right props and use composition to tell stories with my photos, for example. I am from Brazil, and even with my little English, it was very easy to understand everything in your videos. Thank you so much!


Lucie’s course has literally and figuratively reignited my hunger for photography – I truly refound my passion.

The course was inspiring, and consisted of clear, realistic modules that have both stimulated and challenged me, and I could easily follow at my own pace.

Even though the modules were built in an online environment, I felt I was right next to Lucie in her studio. I have noticed profound improvements in my pictures, and I was able to implement them for work immediately, too. 

After completing all modules, you immediately want to learn more, and eagerly want to start the next course. I recommend everyone to join – whether you’re a beginner or more experienced, you will definitely gain new insights, and I assure you will apply them with passion for a multitude of purposes! Thanks so much Lucie!

Anne- Lindenhoff


  • Who is this course for?

This course is for if you are just starting out in food photography. But your dream is to really work as a food photographer, collaborate on cookbooks, work with different clients.

You wonder what the buttons on your camera mean and still shoot in automatic mode. But you actually want to shoot manually and determine your own image.

  • I don’t have time to look at everything right now.

That’s okay, you have lifetime access to this Instagram course. So you can always re-watch certain videos.