The urge to create

The freedom to be allowed to do so and where your heart flows faster. Create, follow your feeling, inspire people and get inspired by others.

Sometimes it feels like I’m in a flow when I’m styling and creating. Shooting, develop myself, experiment, practice and learn. Feel passion.

Several years ago I started as a food photographer and food stylist; this was my niche.
I wanted to soak up all the knowledge like a sponge and taught myself all the styling and photography skills. I made a lot of mistakes, I can tell you that, but I learned a lot from them.

I’ve photographed for big TV chefs, for online food companies, worked on cookbooks together with other food stylists.

I also photographed houses for magazines and there are still productions from me appearing in Dutch magazines such as Ariadne at Home, Libelle, Margriet and Buitenleven. But my productions are also published abroad.
I still make lifestyle productions with DIY’s, mood pictures and recipes.

Soon I started teaching because I wanted to teach others what I had missed in the beginning of my career.
Through Corona I started teaching online and actually a dream came true; creating online courses. Because of Corona I suddenly had the time to create them (and luckily I had a studio at my disposal)

And now I’m at a point where I’ve really discovered my mission. Which is:

Creating and Sharing.

I can share everything in Mylucie Membership: an online community where you can find everything about photography, styling , DIY’s and business.
For me this is perfect because I have a lot of ideas and I can put them all in here.

I can share knowledge about product photography, the use of speedlites, styling tips, affirmations, food photography, still lifes of flowers…basically everything. Together with other professionals we share our knowledge.

I would like to help people further and grow their business. I do that in my Online Photography & Business coaching.
Because even though you can make beautiful pictures, how do you get clients and make yourself more visible?

Other facts about me:

– I have 3 sons and lovely husband and I live in Breukelen, a small village near Amsterdam. 
– I’m often work in Myluciestudio where I paint, style, create and work, often with my team.
– I love to run hard in nature.
– I often paint together with my kids in the studio.
– My creative brain is overflowing with ideas and I am often enthusiastic. 





In 2018, I won the 3rd prize at “Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year” in the category “Foodblogger 2018”, 2 pictures of me came in the short list.
In 2017 I was nominated at Meet the Blogger as “Dutch Meet the Blogger Rising Star Award”.

In 2018, I also ended up in the screenings from Foodphotofestival in Vejile, which was a huge compliment.

Do you have questions about a course, assignment or coaching?
Pick up the phone and call me!
☏ +31624902716