Online course Advanced Food photoghraphy

Do you already have experience taking food photos but want more depth?
Do you feel like doing the same trick over and over again. How do I make the next step?

You are editing your photos in Lightroom but it frustrates you that you don’t know everything yet.

Also, you still find it difficult to discuss your rate with confidence. And don’t you actually price yourself too low?

You are dreaming of having YOUR pictures in a magazine or in a cookbook.

This food photography course you can follow in Mylucie Membership.
Here you can get access to ALLmy online courses for only EUR 47,- per month!


That your entire week is full of food photography assignments.

That your work is featured in books and magazines, even a cover.

That you have to say no because you are fully booked.

That you can proudly show your work to future clients.

You see that you have grown in your approach how you make and style your photos.

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I found this course very informative and it helped me to think a little more out of the box. Lucie has a very creative mind and sometimes I get a little stuck myself in terms of photography and often do the same trick. That was also the reason why I did this course, to learn some new things and to look at photography from a different point of view. This course has given me many new insights and thanks to Lucie I started to play a lot more with my photography.

Level up your skills

✓ I dreamed at the beginning of my career, of having a full time job in food photography. Participating in big productions, having clients lining up for me as a photographer and stylist…..

And I am lucky to find myself in this position now.

✓ But I had to work hard for that.
I continued to develop myself. In what? In my skills as a food photographer and food stylist. Learn, learn, practice practice. Make many mistakes but learn from them.

✓ Focusing. In what aspects did I still need to improve myself? Both technical and styling aspects.
And as an entrepreneur. Because that is also a side that comes with it and you have no choice but to immerse yourself in it.

✓ You want to earn more, you want to get those top assignments. But how does that one food photographer get all those assignments, where does she find her clients? “I want that too” you think.

✓ Every time you see other food photographers collaborating on a cookbook, that’s really your dream. Or creating your own cookbook. But how?

I made this course because I was looking for more depth myself. And I started to discover how I can make myself stand out. And I’d like to show that to you.

Really with small and big eye openers.

In this workshop, I’m going to take you deeper into your styling skills so you can produce even more beautiful photos.


Why this course?

✅ Manual photography is no longer uncomfortable for you.
✅  You really want to stand out from the rest.
✅ You are already well on your way as a food photographer but you still need just that one push.
✅ You feel comfortable preparing a food styling set.

After this Advanced foodphotography course you know:

  •  You feel much more confident showing your new portfolio to clients.
  • You have more ideas for styling a dish and you don’t keep falling into your old pattern.
  • You’ll notice that you’re growing with your findability on Google and getting more assignments as a result.
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I recently completed Lucie Becks Advanced Photography course and enjoyed it very much. Lucie has a fresh, insightful method of teaching, taking you through her creative process, so you see not only what works, but the stumbling blocks on the way. I particularly enjoyed her styling videos, the backdrop surfaces guide, and editing tips.

About me

Over the years, I have helped hundreds of photographers and stylists. In groups or in one of my private coaching sessions in my studio.
I find it powerful to see how someone figures out exactly what they can improve to make even more beautiful photos. To feel that power, that energy what it brings with new insights.
The energy to persevere and grow.

I own a photography backdrop company Myluciebackdrops and know well how to market yourself and products.

Customers come to me and literally say,” I want you, the price doesn’t matter to me”.
I create cookbooks and my productions appear in the magazines I create with my team. I photograph in restaurants and for large online food companies.

In 2008 I won the 3rd prize “Pink lady Foodphotograpogher of the year” and was in the selections at “Foodphotography Festival” in Vejle.

This course consists of several modules:

  1. How to style 1 dish; how to make yourself stand out?
    – styling video black pasta with scampi.
    – styling video poached eggs.
    Including setting from my camera. 
  2. The use of cutlery.
    – Styling video chicory with pear.
  3. Compositions: use new composition techniques. 
    – Styling video labneh with flatbread.
  4. Harsh light.
    – Video behind the scenes.
  5. Drinks photography. 
    – Video tips and tricks
    – Video cocktail.
  6. How to attract more customers? SEO, blogging, Instagram & Pinterest.
  7. How to work for a publisher?
    How can you get your own production to appear in magazines?
  8. Setting your rate as a photographer.
  9. How I edit my photos in Lightroom.
  10. BONUS: a little present for you! I will give you my favorite digital backdrop from Myluciebackdrops. 
  11. BONUS: gear list. I describe to you what equipment I use so it will save you a lot of time figuring it out.
La Lopez
La Lopez@adishtocuddle
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I have signed to lucie’s advanced food photography course searching for a way to expand my knowledge into food photography. What I enjoyed most is that lucie explain things in a very clear, easy, and dynamic way at the same time. You can follow her creative process which gets you closer to the same things you may experience yourself. Great course! I particularly enjoyed the lesson on Lightroom and all the tips given over the course.
Sandra Wissink
Sandra Wissink@madebysan_photography/
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How much I enjoyed the Advanced Course by Lucie Beck. So much input to take your photography further. Especially the ability to follow the course at your own pace and the variety of subjects makes this a great complete training. Lucie's enthusiasm makes you feel like you are sitting at her kitchen table. Thank you Lucie!

What do you get in this course?

You get access to all modules of the course at an online platform.

You can view these in your own time.

You finally know how to get started with the findability of your blog and website.


  • This course is taught on an online platform through video, photos, e-books and PDFs.
  • The course will be held in English. 
  • How do I acces the online course “Advanced Food Photography”?
    You will receive access by mail through the online platform teachable. Upon registration, you will be asked to create a password.
  • You can also follow this workshop if you take pictures with your phone. I will mention settings of the camera.
  • After payment you will receive an invoice in your mailbox with vat. So you can declare it for business. Tip; when you sign up, immediately enter your good company information.
  • BONUS: a little present for you! I will give you my favorite digital backdrop from Myluciebackdrops. 
  • BONUS: gear list. I describe to you what equipment I use so it will save you a lot of time figuring it out.
  • Yu can follow this course in Mylucie Membership, where you can get access to ALL my online courses for only EUR 47,-per month. 




  • I don’t speak perfect English, can I take the course?
    Certainly! I show a lot of things and in the meantime I tell you what I am doing. It is easy to follow.
  • I am not from the Netherlands but from another country can I follow the course?
    Yess! The course is given worldwide and therefore in English.
  • I don’t understand my settings very well on my camera yet. Can I join this course?

    I recommend taking my online course “The Basics of Food Photography” first.
    With this you will also get access to my online course “A start with photography” where I talk about ISO, shutter speed and aperture”.PSST in Mylucie Mmebership you will also get access to this course!@

  • Are there also homework assignments and are they mandatory?
    There are assignments you can do. But of course it’s up to you whether or not to make them.

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