Looking for vinyl backdrops for your food photography or product photography? Choose from the different designs and have the vinyl backdrops delivered to your home.

Handmade canvas backdrops

Digital backgrounds

Download a digital backdrop and print them by yourself at an online or local print shop.
Choose “vinyl banner” at the print shop and deliver them at your home.

Foodstyling Props

Order your photography props here. 
You can choose cutlery, plates, bowls, everything you will need for food photography or product photography. 

Do you want to shop offline? Then make an appointment  to Myluciestudio in Breukelen, near Amsterdam.

Photography equipment

The basics to start with your photography assignments .


These printed photos on dibond look great in your living room, bedroom or kitchen.
Dibond is made of aluminum plate and has a beautiful look.
Freshen up your workplace with Lucie’s photos or illustrations.