Mylucie membership: photography, styling & business tips.

Mylucie membership is an online community where you can find and connect with like-minded people. You get access to online courses, LIVE webinars and new content will be added every month.

☞ Do you miss an online place to ask your questions about photography and styling?

☞ Do you miss people to share your experiences with?

☞Do you like online courses but you don’t always have the budget for those expensive courses.

☞ Do you want to be inspired by new content and insights every month.

You can choose  from 1 month or pay for 1 year and get 3.5 months free!
Price monthly: EUR 47,- excl. VAT (EUR 56,87 incl. VAT).
Price annual: EUR 397,- excl. VAT(Eur 480,37 incl. VAT)
Doors open November 3, 2021.
After this the doors will close again!

✪ In Mylucie Membership you can get inspiration on different aspects of photography and styling: food, flowers, still life, portraits, interior and products.

✪ Access to an online community where you can connect with same minded people.

✪ LIVE Q & A with me, where you can ask all your questions.

✪ Every month new content comes online and I try to make it as diverse as possible so there is something for everyone.
There will be interviews with other entrepreneurs, styling videos and much more.

✪ Every month a new photo challenge every month so you are challenged and taken out of your comfort zone.

✪ You will get free access to almost all of my online photography & styling workshops (worth more then EUR. 250,-).


My mission is: to help as many other people as possible in their business with photography and styling.

I love sharing my knowledge and experiences; I get a kick out of seeing others grow. And I love to help you on your creative journey.

As a creative person I always have a lot of inspiration and new ideas which I can now share them all in Mylucie Membership. 

On top of that, you can also connect with other photographers and creatives in the exclusive online members community.

Sometimes the profession of photographer and stylist is lonely and you miss people around you.

Simple questions about a shoot, a camera or props; you can now ask the other members about their advice and experiences.

I, too, started once and missed a community like this.
Especially if you don’t know yet what direction you want to go in terms of photography. Or you’ve been busy for a while and you feel like new energy and inspiration.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will.” —

George Bernard Shaw

Do you recognize this?

You're still figuring out exactly which way you want to go with photography; you're finding it hard to make decisions.

You currently photograph food but you would like learn more about other areas of photography such as interiors , products or portraits.

You want to take new courses on photography and styling but your budget is not that big.

You want to get new inspiration, keep stimulating your creativity and get new ideas.

You want to connect with other people who also love styling and photography; who have the same "vibe" as you.

You can choose  from 1 month or pay for 1 year and get 3.5 months free!

Price monthly: EUR 47,- excl. VAT (EUR 56,87 incl. VAT).
Price annual: EUR 397,- excl. VAT(Eur 480,37 incl. VAT).
Doors open November 3, 2021.

Where do you have the access to in the Membership?

You get FREE access to:

  •  A private community where you can connect with others and ask questions art.
  • A new video every month about styling, photography or business.
  • Masterclass from a guest speaker.
  • LIVE Q & A with me every month, whoop!
  • And since I always have too many ideas (whoops) I’m sure there will be more to come.

FREE access to my online courses:
– Instagram course “The basics from food photography” of 12 modules worth EUR 117,-
– Instagram course “DIY Backdrops” of 13 modules worth EUR 47.
– Online course “Lightroom editing worth EUR 32,-
– Masterclass “How to photograph brown food?” worth EUR 28,-

Mylucie Membership can be viewed on both your computer and iPad.

But the best part is: there is even an app available!

So if you’re traveling, you’re at the park or at a friend’s house you have instant access to the online environment. How nice is that?

What content can you expect in November:

✔️Online styling video “Autumn flower installation”

Together with stylist @suzannepardijs DIY making fall flower installation, styling and photography.
Now how do you make such a hanging installation of flowers? We’ll show you how to make this at home too.
We’ll show you 2 different styles and I’ll show you how I photograph this entire setting.

✔️Live Q & A with Lucie from 1 hour.

✔️Short video:”The napkin fight”.

✔️ Live interview with @Stemsandforks “From florist to top photographer”. 

Created by Betty Binon, Stems & Forks was established in 2017 to showcase all her creative musings: recipes, photography and botanical sculptures.
Betty has built a successful multi-faceted brand after nearly twenty years in the floral design business. She sold the thriving business in 2013 to embrace a balanced lifestyle with more family time and immersion in all things creative.

Since the shift in career, Binon’s photography and video is highly sought-after by brands for her distinct chiaroscuro style and visual storytelling. Her global workshops sell out to prominent artists and content creators around the world. Betty Binon has also been featured in numerous International publications, Vogue, Where Women Cook and Thrive.

What content can you expect in December?

✔️Foodstyling video from an Autumn recipe.

Here I show you different settings with the construction of 1 dish. I show you how to make the hero speak and what you can show in terms of storytelling to the viewer.

  • Masterclass Anoek Schippers” How to grow on LinkedIn.”

    LinkedIn, did you know that you can get many customers from this social media channel?
    You’re wondering what to post here and how often?
    Anouk is a LinkedIn expert and will take you through all the ins and outs.
    She will teach you which posts can be successful and how others can find you.

  • Foodstyling video Christmas recipe.

  • LIVE Q& A with Lucie.

What content can you expect in January?

  • Video Photoshop editing with @kamilekave.
  • LIVE Q & A with Lucie.
  • Live masterclass about affirmations and the universe “How can you get better at manifesting?” by  Christine from @cosmiclife.

Practical information:

– You can get access  to Mylucie Membership from Monday 3 November 0900 am CET.
– Your subscription also runs from November 3.
– You pay by direct debit. This can be done via Paypal, credit card or Ideal. You pay through the webshop.
– You will automatically receive your invoice.
– Do you want to stop? Please send an email to at least 14 days in advance with a request to stop your subscription.
– Don’t you cancel? Then it automatically continues.
– This membership opens 4 times a year.
– If you choose the membership of 1 year and you want to stop after that? Please mail at least 14 days in advance to if you want to stop.
Automatically your subscription will continue in a monthly subscription over 1 year so we do not require 1 year.
– The language spoken is English. 
– After payment you will receive an invoice in your mailbox with VAT. so you can deduct these expensives for tax purposes. Tip; when you sign up, immediately enter your company information.
– Here you can find the general terms and conditions. 

– Access the online environment through an app! So now if you are on the bus, on the couch or in the garden; you have instant access to Mylucie Membership.

You can choose  from 1 month or pay for 1 year and get 3.5 months free!
Price monthly: EUR 47,- excl. VAT (EUR 56,87 incl. VAT).
Price annual: EUR 397,- excl. VAT(Eur 480,37 incl. VAT).


  • I’m just starting out in the craft of photography, is this right for me?
    Definitely! You get in touch with the different areas of photography.

  • I am already working as a photographer; is it suitable for me? Yes, every month there are new topics, also in the field of business. It complements your knowledge and you get inspiration from it. It also gives you new insights and ideas.

  • What if I can’t attend the LIVE Q & A or a master class?
    These are recorded and shared in the Mylucie Membership feed.

  • I don’t speak perfect English; is this a problem? No absolutely not as long as you can follow along and ask your questions.

  • Who can I send a message to if I have questions about this? You can do that to my team:

  • Can I also ask you personal questions? The LIVE Q & A is especially designed for this; here you can ask all your questions.

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