Workshop Storytelling in Food Photography

Are your struggling with:

  • Evoking emotions in your food photos?
  • Building a narrative & telling a story in your photos?
  • Taking a viewer on a food journey?
  • Translating food styling into a deliciously looking food photos?
  • Using the right props to complete your narrative and make your photos stand out?

Exclusive Workshop:

Storytelling in Food Photography by Maja from  @veggie_intervention and Lucie Beck.

Saturday 27 November 2021
€ 277,- excl. vat (€ 335,17 incl. btw)

Limited spots!

WHY THIS workshop?

Why telling a story is so important?

Food photography is all about telling stories!

Injecting your unique style.

Evoking emotions.

Taking the viewer on a journey.

Making your photography stand out.

Translating your vision into mouth-watering food photos.

Meet the hosts:

Maja Lewicz

Maja is food and product photographer based in the Netherlands.

Her passion is to evoke emotions when photographing food and taking a viewer on a visual journey. She loves adding a human element in her food photos, capturing not only the dish but also the scent, texture and colours.

Lucie Beck

Lucie Beck has been working as a photographer and food stylist for several years.
In her assignments Lucie has noticed that it is important to add storytelling to the photos in order to create more feeling with the viewer. But she also had to learn this.
When do you put too many props and when do you choose a particular setting? What light goes well with it and what else can you use?
On this day we will  show you that you can tell a story in your photo.

Workshop program:

13.00 Introduction about ourselves and the participants.

13;15-13.45 Lucie and Maja presentation storytelling.

713:45- 14.45 Live food styling set by Maja. 

14.45- 16.15 Creating a foodstyling set, making pictures. 

16.15-1700 Feedback on your pictures.


Saturday 27 November 2021
Price: € 277,- excl. VAT (€ 335,17 incl. VAT)

Practical information

  • Include with coffee & tea.
  • What to bring with you? Camera, battery and (if you have) a tripod.

  • Location: Mylucie studio, Herenstraat 15a in Breukelen.
    Parking: please note that parking on the square is limited to 2 hours with a blue parking card. You can better park on the Straatweg on the vent road near the Shell station. The location is easily accessible by public transportation. Check OV for directions.

  • Arrival: between 12:45 and 13.00
    Start: 13:00.
    End: 16:00.

  • After payment you will receive an invoice through email.
  • Course will be held in English. Of course Lucie speak Dutch and English.

Saturday 27 November 2021
Price: € 277,-excl.btw (€335,17incl. vat)

General Terms and Conditions:

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– Reserved due to illness or too few participants.
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Corona measures:
– There are Corona measures; if you yourself are sick or have a cold then unfortunately you cannot come. The same goes for the teachers.