Gratis cursus: Een begin met fotografie

Do you want to create those beautiful food, product or interior photos?

It all starts with having the basics perfect. Let me help you with that by offering my online course ‘A Start with Photography’ for free. 

My name is Lucie Beck and for years I’ve been a photographer and food stylist. 

Forget questioning your lighting and camera settings and get the base right from the start. Become a better photographer and join my free course ‘A start with photography’. 

In the course I will show you everything you need to know:

✅ how to use ISO, shutter speeds and diagrafma;
✅ how to use light in food and product photography ;
✅ which camera, lenses and tripod are recommended to start with?

After ‘A start with Photography’, you can finally stand out from other food photographers. Your photos will look better right away, because I’ll also show you how to play with light and what angles to take photos from.

By clicking on this download you will also regularly get tips on how to make food photography easy. I handle your data with care. Check out my privacy statement.

Would you like to be able to take those breathtaking photos but you don't know what to change?

Let me help you.

I’m Lucie Beck,  photographer and stylist. I help beginning and advanced photographers to easily grow in their photography and styling skills.
Because of my experience working for different clients, I know exactly how to capture photos and how to work for different clients.

You might have just started with  photography and you want to know all there is to know about photography without spending all of your evenings swiping on your phone.

Every time you’re struggling how to work with daylight or artificial light. You find it difficult to style a plate of food properly, what colors or compositions to use in your product styling. And how to photograph interiors?!

Actually, you want to feel more confident about your work and want to be able to proudly show your portfolio to your future client.

Do you recognize this?

You like your food photos but they are not perfect. You always look at other food photographers and wonder how they take those great food photos. What else can you do? Where to start?

You find it difficult to choose when it comes to daylight, artificial lighting and color in your food styling. Which color should you use or not and how many colors should you use anyway?

You compare yourself to other food photographers and it frustrates that you are not yet where you would like to be.

You might have another job, but your heart goes out to food photography. Or you work part-time and you don’t have enough assignments yet to become a fulltime food photographer. You really want TO GO for this now.

How do you get more assignments so you can work as a fulltime food photographer? And when you have an assignment, what kind of rate should you charge?

Become a better photographer by joining my mailing list for photography tips and get access to the free course ‘A start with photography’.

First things first: let’s get the basics right. If your photo quality improves and you start feeling more confident about your photos, all of these decisions will be so much easier.

Become a better photographer by joining my mailing list for photography tips and get access to the free course ‘A start with photography’.

By clicking on this download you will also regularly get tips on how to make food photography easy. I handle your data with care. Check out my privacy statement.

"“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.”

A little introduction.​

Hi, I’m Lucie Beck and my heart is beating faster from creating…styling a setting and photograph it. 

I like to share my knowledge and inspiration.
 My mission is: to inspire, encourage and teach others about styling, photography and their business.

In recent years I have worked for large online food companies and worked on cookbooks. My work still appears in Dutch magazines such as VTwonen, Ariadne at home, Libelle but also many publications abroad.

Now I also help other photographers with their technique and styling skills such as creating a dark moody setting or product photography. 

I was even nominated for the Pink Lady Food Photography Awards in 2018 and became 3rd in the “food bloggers” category in London. I was also in the selection of the Food Photo Festival in Vejle, Denmark. What an honor and a crown on my work. I also continue to develop myself and follow the new techniques and styles closely.

Styling and photography is personal and each has its own taste. I am very supportive of this and try to bring out one’s own creativity in the other. 
Often the business part is forgotten as well, like the online findability of your website.
Also here I have years of experience in running my own business what I used to have (I could even sell my old business in creative workshops because I was found so well in Google).

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I recently completed Lucie Becks Advanced Photography course and enjoyed it very much. Lucie has a fresh, insightful method of teaching, taking you through her creative process, so you see not only what works, but the stumbling blocks on the way. I particularly enjoyed her styling videos, the backdrop surfaces guide, and editing tips.
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During the coaching program I was able to take major steps with my company. Lucie is the perfect business partner thanks to her enthousiastic, motivational and warm personality. The program gave me lots of valuable insights, learned my pittfalls and above all I became a better version of myself. I feel more confident and above all experience more fun being a creative entrepreneur.
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The online Photography and Business coaching from Lucie I followed gave me a lot of positive vibes. I really liked, it was with a group, knowing there are others with the same struggles, questions and ideas. I find Lucie a very warm, and a really open person. She thinks along with you and for me this course was a good motivation to make new steps in food photography, that can also be small steps.

Get started with photography and create the perfect picture!