• How do I acces the online course “Advanced Food Photography?
    You will receive access by mail through the online platform teachable. Upon registration, you will be asked to create a password and fill in the code you received by mail.
  • Do I get an invoice?
    Yes, you will receive an invoice automatically in your email with the VAT on it.
  • I don’t speak perfect English, can I take the course?
    Certainly! I show a lot of things and in the meantime I tell you what I am doing. It is easy to follow.
  • I am not from the Netherlands but from another country can I follow the course?
    Yess! The course is given worldwide and therefore in English.
  • I don’t understand my settings very well on my camera yet. Can I join this course?

    I recommend taking my online course “The Basics of Food Photography” first.
    With this you will also get access to my online course “A start with photography” where I talk about ISO, shutter speed and aperture”.

  • Are there also homework assignments and are they mandatory?
    There are assignments you can do. But of course it’s up to you whether or not to make them.