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Online Courses

Instagram course food photography

Instagram course “The basic of Foodphotography”

Doors open June 21.
Price: EUR 47,-
(instead of EUR 79,-)

Online course “Advanced Food Photography”

Doors open September 27 2021. 
Price: EUR 97,- 
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Instagram course DIY backdrop

Instagram course “DIY making Backdrops”

You can join now. 
Price: EUR 47,-

Online course "Restaurant photography"

You can join now. 
Price: EUR 27,-

Online course Lightroom

Learn the basic principles of the photo editing program Lightroom in 1 hour.

Price: EUR.17,-


Online speed coaching

Do you need 1 hour of brief brainstorming, or that I can help you prepare for a shoot?
You can fill in this hour however you like.
In advance we will go through what you want to discuss.