Food photography and foodstyling course

Do you want to generate income by doing what you love – food photography? In my three-day Food Photography Camp, I will teach you all the tricks of the trade and help you elevate your images. The workshop will take place for three days in November 2021.
 The course, for the first time ever, will be taught in English!!
Can you relate to these common hurdles that a food photographer faces? 
– I have no clue how to grow your client list and income.
– I am looking for my own unique style, and I am constantly stuck.
– I keep buying props, but I don’t know which colours to use in the photos. 
– I have the feeling that I keep setting the same scenes and taking the same images. I don’t know how to bring variety to my photos. 
– I am always active on social media and spend a lot of time on it, but I am not growing. 
– I really want to improve my food photography, but I don’t know how to do it.
– I have always wanted to learn to work with artificial lights, but I don’t know where to start. 
– I am not an online learner, and I need personal class interactions to learn. 
If you can relate and want to set yourself apart from the growing market of photographers, follow my 3-day course on food photography, food styling and entrepreneurship. 
During the three days, I will guide you through the tips and tricks of styling and photographing different dishes to ensure that you have happy customers who want to work with you again.
At the end of the workshop, you will be ready to showcase your talents to restaurants, online food retailers, advertising agencies, photos for packaging materials and magazines. This will enable you to generate a steady source of income. I will also discuss the business aspects of the job, such as setting your rate and putting yourself on the map to be noticed as a food photographer in the area. 
The course is a very hands-on, interactive course in which you immediately implement the tips you learn. 
The workshop will be held for three days on:

Monday 8 November 2021
Wednesday 9 November 2021
Thursday 11 November 2011.

Time: 10:00-16.00

Pssst… Another reason to book the workshop is that it is held in the picturesque little town in the Netherlands and is only a stone’s throw from Amsterdam. You can make it your own mini-vacation and learn helpful tips you can put into practice back home! 
The workshop costs €1257 (excluding VAT) or €1475.16 (including VAT).
Pro tip: If you are set up as a business, you can claim this VAT back! 

Who is this course for?

– Beginners: If you are a beginner and want to learn the skills to become a professional in this field. 
– Hobby photographers: Is food photography just a hobby for you, but you still want to learn more about it so you can hone your skills?
– Advanced-level photographers: If you already know the basics but want to add uniqueness and depth to your work, this course is also suitable for you. 
– Restaurant owners or catering companies: You don’t have to rely on photographers to take everyday social media images; you can do it yourself!
– Food bloggers and food journalists: Take amazing photos for your columns or blogs to attract more readers; after all, a picture speaks louder than words. 
– Food stylists who want to learn more about food styling and learn the tips and tricks to style complex foods.
– Writers of cookbooks: Bring your recipes to life and photograph your dishes to make them look mouth-watering and delicious.
– Marketer: Take care of the photography part by yourself.

Useful Information to know:


– A maximum of seven people can participate. Sadly, no exceptions can be made.
– The course will take place in Lucie’s studio, Herenstraat 15A in Breukelen, Netherlands.
– It is taught in English. 
– You will be in the studio from 10:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.
– Parking is free.
– If you are unable to participate, it is unfortunately not possible to compensate for the lesson.
– After the workshop, you will receive proof of participation.

– No refunds are possible.

What do you need to bring with you?
– Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera or System Camera with Manual Setting
– Information manual of your camera (If you have it, you can always find a copy online).
– Different lenses you have, such as a kit lens (about 18-55 mm) or a 50 mm lens. Other lenses are, of course, possible. This is only intended to give you an idea of what you can bring.
– Carry a wide aperture lens (e.g. F1.8), if you have one.
– A tripod (if possible) is also very useful to have. 
– Reflector / Diffuser (if you have it).

What will be covered?

– Food Photography Basics 
We will start by discussing the manual mode in your camera and how to use it. This way, you can get rid of the automatic mode, and you can decide what your photo will look like and not your camera. We will break down ISO, aperture, shutter speed and tell you which settings are helpful for food photography. 
Eline from my team and I will teach the theory of manual photography in the morning. So we will get started right away, and you will get really well acquainted with your camera. And, more importantly, you will finally know what all the buttons on your camera mean. 
I will also talk about the different lenses and tripods and discuss the technical aspects involved, such as tethering, taking photos with WiFi, editing on Lightroom.
– Use of Speedlite in food photography
You will learn how artificial and natural light can be used in the styling process. We will use different types of lights, such as daylight lamps and flashes. The different options for studio equipment and a list of useful equipment will also be discussed. This way, you are not dependent on the sun, and you can always take photos for the client.
– Styling and composition
What many people find difficult to understand is how dishes can be styled. How do I style a dish? Which napkin should I use? How do I place the cutlery? These are some of the questions we will answer. I will also show you how to change the scenes when you have to style different dishes, say 10, in a day. 
I will also discuss tabletop styling and further demonstrate how to set the table for several people. I will explain which colours and compositions you can use to get a good photo. You will practice a lot yourself so that you can be more confident in your abilities.
– Photographing different dishes
During these days, we will photograph various dishes, covering everything from hot to cold recipes, starters to desserts, ingredients and drinks.
Do you think brown food or not so beautiful dishes are a challenge to photograph? Well, I am here to prove you wrong. 
I will also show you how to nail those perfect action shots, what you need to consider when using hand models, how to tell a story with your photos, and what details you need to pay attention to. In addition to food, we will also photograph packaging material and learn how to create dark and moody settings.
– Online marketing
Finally, in this photography boot camp, we will review how you can sell your services. We will talk about marketing strategies and the growth of social media. Marketing coach Christel Verbiesen will guide you through the marketing aspect of food photography and talk about attracting the right customers.
As an added bonus, you will get FREE access to my online eBook, “A start with photography,” worth 26 euros. It contains a manual explaining ISO, aperture and shutter speed and details all the devices I use.
You will also get a goodie bag full of props for your food photography and, of course, a vinyl backdrop from Myluciebackdrops.

Workshop Itinerary:

With food, photography requires a lot of practice. Despite having so many years of experience under my belt, I am still learning new things when I style and photograph food. You learn by making mistakes, and every mistake you make is a learning experience. So in the workshop, we will focus on practising all the theory you learn in the course.

10.00-10.15 Introduction.
10.15-11.15 Theory presentation on manual photography, styling, use of colour and compositions.
11.15-12.15 Practice with the different techniques. Eline and I will drop by to help you, and there is room for advice and questions.
12.15-13.15 A delicious lunch.
13.00-14.00 Theory presentation on how to style a plate.
14.00-14.15 Short break
14.15-16.00 Put the theory into practice.
~End of Day 1~
10.00 – 12.00 Marketing “Customer journey” by Christel Verbiesen, an expert in the field.
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch Break
1300-14.00 Presentation by me on how to photograph drinks. For example, how to create a dark and moody setting.
14.00-16.00 Get to work yourself.
~End of Day 2~
10.00-12.00 Theory and practical sessions on how to use speedlights and studio lights by Tristan. 
12.00-13.00 Break for lunch.
13.00 – 14.00 Presentation by me about SEO, Instagram and Pinterest. I will cover everything from how to determine your hourly rate, how to put yourself on the map and find clients to appearing in magazines and contributing to cookbooks. 
14.00 – 16.00 Practice action photography and construct your own settings.
~End of Day 3~

After this course, you will:

Elevate your food photography skills to the next level.

Style different dishes on your own and make them look tempting

Know how to work with artificial lights.

You have a portfolio that you can put online.

Take good photos for your food blog and social media channels.

Grow your Instagram and Pinterest profiles to reach potential clients.

Accept food photography and styling assignments with confidence.

Know how to negotiate your rate, what costs you have to take into account, and how to put yourself on the map.

Be well-prepared for any assignment because you now know what you need to prepare and ask your customer before you arrive at the location.

Know what your client's style is and deliver them to have satisfied customers.

Know how to work for magazines and publish your work in them.

Save the dates! 

Monday 8 November 2021
Wednesday 9 November 2021
Thursday 11 November 2011.

PRICE: €1257 (excluding VAT) or €1475.16 (including VAT)
Get your tickets here before the spots are filled.

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